Chapter 1: Surprise Pregnancy

When I started to write this story I wrote the first line as:

I was born on the 13th August 1990 to Gina and Ashley. 

If you know me, then you know how funny that is. Ashley is my dad yes, but he did not provide the goods that fertilised this egg, which is a story for another time.

One fateful day (not sure when exactly) in the year 1990 my mother was riding on her horse along the beach at Tin Can Bay. She had fallen off before she knew what happened and went to the GP to make sure she was okay. She wasn’t expecting the doc to tell her that this human was growing inside her…


She was already a few months on when she found out and she likes to joke that her fall is the reason I have [issues].. she doesn’t realise that I actually got that from her 😛

….and so my journey in this world began.

Most people in this world will tell you that their mum’s are the best, but they’re wrong…cause it’s my mum. She never stops putting other people first and is so compassionate. She’s heartfelt, kind, funny, and absolutely unique. She will tell you straight up how it is, even if you don’t like what she’s saying.

Mum has been my best friend since the day she found out about me. She has been my cook, nurse, counsellor, confidante, best friend, comedian, cleaner, carer, fan and so much more (and both of my siblings & cousins as well). I am so proud to be her daughter.

Love you, mum.

Published by Ashlee

Ashlee is currently studying her Master of Cultural Heritage at Deakin University. She loves adventure, culture, travel, music and nature. She is passionate about conservation and preservation. Ashlee wants to inspire the world to be just as passionate about world heritage locations as she is. "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." Buddha

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