Chapter 2: I spat on my Nan (Sorry, Nan)

Mum likes to tell me that I was a painful 36-hour birth ending in the longest umbilical cord the doctor’s had ever seen at the time, and me spitting on my Nan.

Yep, my first act on this beautiful Earth was to look my grandmother dead in the eye and spit at her (maybe not but it’s a better story, right). You’re welcome, Nan.

Apparently you could find our umbilical cord at the University of Queensland in jar…unsure if it’s still there and I probably wouldn’t want to see it after all this time.

After mum’s joyful 36-hour labour they kept our umbilical cord and she got our photo taken for the paper. Woot! Famous from day 1..but I would like to know why they chose this photo? I look like an actual gremlin.

My beautiful mother and her gremlin child.

That is probably why mum likes to tell me that they threw away her baby and gave her the afterbirth.. You’re welcome for that image.

In all seriousness though, I am so grateful that the person my mum gave birth to was me, because she has given me a life so blessed with love, family and lots of laughter. Thanks mumma!

See below cute photo’s of me:

Published by Ashlee

Ashlee is currently studying her Master of Cultural Heritage at Deakin University. She loves adventure, culture, travel, music and nature. She is passionate about conservation and preservation. Ashlee wants to inspire the world to be just as passionate about world heritage locations as she is. "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." Buddha

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