Chapter 4: We’re moving to Where?

We moved to Goomeri.

Now most of you who are reading this now will know where I am talking about because it’s mostly my family and friends who are reading this right now but for those of you who don’t know, Goomeri (pronounced Gu-Mary), is a little town in Southeast Queensland famous only for the Pumpkin Festival.

We didn’t move there for fun (obvious to anyone who has been there), we moved there because my mum decided to move in with my dad (who’s name just also happens to be Ashley).

Quick side note – so mum knew dad before I was born and I like to think she subconsciously loved him before they were together and so she named me after him. I mean, it’s not true, but that is what I like to think..

Okay, back to my life.

So after getting to know dad and his family, we finally moved in together. This man is kind, loving, compassionate, super handy, funny, playful and a great cook. I called him Big Ashley for years until my little brother was almost born. I was going to ask him for something (can’t remember what exactly) but he wasn’t listening to me. So I yelled out HEY DAD and he stopped what he was doing and looked dead at me.. I’ve called that man dad ever since.

He has been there for me my entire life and he will always be the man I look up to.

Dad, you gave me and my mum love, you never once made me feel like I wasn’t your child, you gave me a brother and a sister, you gave me a home, you provided for me (and still do), but most of all you gave me a dad.

Love you Daddy-O!

Published by Ashlee

Ashlee is currently studying her Master of Cultural Heritage at Deakin University. She loves adventure, culture, travel, music and nature. She is passionate about conservation and preservation. Ashlee wants to inspire the world to be just as passionate about world heritage locations as she is. "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." Buddha

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