Grazie / Gracias / Merci / Arigato / Khop Khun Kha / Danke / Thank You

I cannot start this blog without first acknowledging a bunch of incredible people who I have had the pleasure to call friends and family; particularly this past 18 or so months. Without you, I would be lost and alone. I will always try my best to make sure you know how important you are to me..

First and foremost; thank you to my family. I am so so SO lucky, and grateful to each of you for all helping me in your own ways.

Mum & Dad; an absolute giant thank you for everything you do. You constantly support me, you love me unconditionally, you always believe in me, and you force me to do what I need to even when I don’t see it’s the right thing. You gave me life and I am so blessed to have you with me always.

Nan & Pop; thank you for always being you, worrying about me and making me laugh. My life would not be the same without you in it. Also thanks Pop for agreeing to help renovate a sail boat 😉

My sister Amy; thank you for being my protector and confidante. No matter how much we fight and bicker, you are ALWAYS on my side and constantly reminding me of my worth in this life. Also, thank you for bringing my gorgeous nephew Oscar into this world and for always looking on the brighter side of life..

My suave brother, Chris; thank you for always doing what you can to help me. Thank you for moving in with me so that I could find my independence again (even though you’re never really here and still paying half of the rent). You are honestly such a generous and thoughtful human being. We are lucky to have you in our lives. Lauren, thank you also. I’ve not got many friends back here so having you to talk to and hang out with is really a blessing. You are family to us.

My hilarious cousin Kiah; thank you for always making me laugh. Her sister Hailee and extended family; thank you for always being there for me when I need you. Kara; thank you for being so easy to talk to and thank you for giving us the gift of the beautiful Aryanah… and thank you to Aryanah for showing me the light every single time I see your smiling face.

To the rest of my family; I love you guys and I am so blessed to have you all in my life. We are one lucky family to be so close and have the relationships that we do. I am so so very grateful that I get to have such a close bond with you all, because so many families don’t get this kind of love.

To my friends who are family; I love you all so much and wish wonderful things for you each and every day! I will always be more grateful than you could ever know to have you in my life. You have made my life so full of happiness, joy, laughter, hugs and love. 

To my oldest friend Amanda and her gorgeous son William; thank you for not forgetting me even though I ran away for 10 years, and thank you for always sticking by me. Your kindness and warmth is so so special, and you have always been a shining presence (with your ‘fat hair’) in my life.

Ange, Stu & now the kids; thanks for being the first friend I made when I took a leap of faith and moved away from home. I could not have asked for a better first housemate; not everyone is as lucky as me. Thank you for always living somewhere I can stop by at any time on any day. You guys are both amazing. I love your face.

Caf; thank you for always being someone I can lean on during my best and worst days & thank you for being my AID buddy. You introduced me to Sarah Wilson (YAAS) and you always ALWAYS had my back. You took care of me when I had glandular fever and noone else was there. You’ve been an incredible friend. You’re amazing and I love you, and you deserve the absolute most happiness in the world.

Cathy; first of all, thank you for reconnecting with me last year. I never realised how much I missed your company until we started talking again. Thank you for never judging and always helping me look at the world from a different perspective. You always help me to grow and become a better person. I am beyond happy we are friends again.

Darius; thank you for UNBLOCKING me, hahaha. Also thank you for always taking life not so seriously, and helping me see the lighter side of everything. People seem to find it strange that we have become friends again, but I am so happy to have you back in my life! I feel a little less stressed knowing I can rely on you, so thank you.

Hayley & Zack; the thanks that I owe you, I will spend my life trying to repay. You saw me through my worst. You gave me a reason to smile again. You forced me to eat when I did not see the point. You’ve held my hand when there was noone else. You are incredible, thoughtful, kind, generous, empathetic, loving, etc etc etc. ❤ I am blessed to have been adopted by the Batiki Family when I was going through the absolute worst and yet surprisingly best thing. I am so glad Zack got sent to Townsville, and that you started working at Escape. There are just no words to describe the gratitude and love I feel for you guys.

Travel buddy Jess; thank you for inviting me to Melbourne with you and sharing your love of HP with me. Thank you for booking my flights to Thailand in 2013 without realising and then becoming such a great friend. Thank you for making me comfortable with my mental health and thank you for being so absolutely caring. Your courage is contagious. I love you.

Jess (yes you with the eyelashes on your car); thank you. Just thank you. You have no idea what your friendship has meant to me this year. I am so lucky to have met you. Our instant connection was such a surprise and I am so glad that I did the Comm Games otherwise I probably never would have got back into it, therefore never meeting you. You are always worried about other people (probably a little too much) and I love you for that. You always want to know what you can do to help but you do it already. You listen. You support. You love.

The beautiful and ever talented Kim (& gorgeous kiddies) who wrote me an actual song. A beautiful song. I am so grateful we finally got the chance to get to know each other. I am so grateful for your friendship, love and inspiration. Having you in my support network helped me to re-evaluate myself and what I want and what I love. You are always ready for anything. You put your heart and soul into everything. Your kids are just as beautiful as you. I miss you all so much and I especially miss the sleepovers. You reminded me to have fun when I couldn’t see anything as fun.

Liv, Michael and the gorgeous Molly; the three of you were (and are) family. I am so blessed. SO blessed. The love and compassion that you have shown me has been something I will never forget. You went above and beyond to make it known that I am not alone. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Game Nights. I was always invited and I never felt like a third wheel. There is something so unbelievably special about you. There is also one particular night I have to thank you for. I was driving home and I was feeling pretty horrible. I didn’t make it to my house because I pulled up in your driveway instead. When you opened the door, you didn’t even have to say anything. You just took me in and held me because you knew. You cooked me dinner and you made me laugh. I will never forget the love your family shows me. Never.

Mel, Bec, Robyn and all the kiddies; thanks for inviting me into your family and making me feel like my home was in Townsville. Special thanks to Mel for being there for me at my literal worst moment in life. I will never be able to repay you. You all always have my back and I know I can count on you for anything. Honestly, the love I have for you all is overwhelming.

Nat; thank you for being my surrogate mum. Your strength gave me hope. Thank you for barely knowing me and coming to rescue me when I was mid panic attack. Thank you for binge watching HP with me while I freaked out. Thank you for living with me. Thank you for always making me smile and thank you for being a positive shining light in a dark time.

Sammy; we were introduced by Liv and I am so grateful. You showed me instant love and support. And now we have already made a lifetime of memories. Thanks for making me feel part of the cool mum group even though I didn’t have a kid to contribute. Here’s to many many more memories!

Sarah Wilson. You my dear have been a light in my life and it has not even been a year! We bonded instantly in Japan and I am so grateful to have had that incredible experience with you. Our friendship afterwards has been such a blessing. Love you!

Friends and family alike, you all go out of your way to make sure I’m okay, and I am so incredibly lucky to know you. Without you I would not have made it this far. You have all done something for me that has pushed me to find happiness in life. There are so many more people that I have not mentioned who have been so essential to my growth and I can’t imagine where I would be without any of you.

Having a support network like mine is so freaking amazing. The people I have in my life, you, make it easier for me to get out of bed every day. Our connections are so important and I am so freaking grateful to be this blessed.